Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Home Automation: Is it a Joke?

Is home Automation a Joke? What is Home Automation?

Home Automation is a collecting of devices in a home that may include a Porch light, your Thermostat, or maybe even the Deadbolt lock on your front door. However, most homes don't have the right Make and Model of these Devices. These "Smart" devices have special transmitters called Z-Wave that is built-in and talks to a central control station in your house.

A central control station may be your Home Security System or even a product as simple as a something you find online from Amazon.com and it usually gives you smart phone access threw a Free app. This has its flaws though. Many of these units have been hacked into from people around the country. These products don't give you the necessary encryption and secure log-in credentials we are all so used to. On the other hand if you contact your local Alarm Company (MRJ Security llc) they will set you up with Z-Wave Devices that can communicate with your Alarm System. They will also give you online access with an App called Total Connect. It is powered by Honeywell. It provides encryption and a secure Log-In that makes it impossible to be hacked.

So, is Home Automation a Joke? Only if you purchase your equipment from a unreliable source such as ebay, Amazon or even Costco. If you purchase this service through a reliable Local Alarm company you will get a much better product and a professional installation. If something goes wrong, the Techs can trouble shoot and fix it. If a homeowner does it themselves, what are the chances they do it right? And even if it is done right, what if it malfunctions a year later? Will they fix it? I highly doubt it.

No. Home Automation is not a Joke if you hire the right Alarm Company to do the job right. Home Automation is the Future of Home Security.

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